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What if you could tap into the hidden reserves of knowledge your teams have?


What would you acomplish with those insights?


Bigger sales? Faster projects? Better business outcomes?

The Solution.

The Idea

As we were working on making knowledge teams better by increasing their Psychological Safety we discovered they are the keepers of nuggets of exclusive information. 


The developers and consultant teams in the field are privy to data the rest of your company doesn’t have. 


Data gold that could empower Client Partners and Directors, Project Owners and all other stakeholders if they had it.


They know a lot about the organization they are currently working with, from official news to unofficial office politics, spheres of influence, tech details, current business process, internal vibe about the project, etc. 



Break the silos and gain unprecedented insight. Ask probing questions to uncover data kernels then dig deeper either through the app or in person. Add 10 of your own questions to ask your team a month in addition to the standard ones in the app. Reward the teams for the new insights.

Who's Asking?

Who Knows?

The Questions

  • Client Directors

  • Client Partners

  • CxO

  • Leaders

  • Project Managers

  • All Stakeholders Who Can Use Deep Insight

  • Developers

  • Consultants 

  • Team leaders

  • Scrum Masters, etc

  • Product Owners

  • All Teams in the Field Who Work Directly With The Client

The PNT Insights Solution comes with 150 out of the box questions carefully calibrated to obtain information about areas where the teams in the field have data whether they are aware of having this info or not. We ask questions that will maximise business results around topics such as Technology, Direction, Procurement, Future Plans, Current Status of Projects, and much more. 

Once we identify the existence of new information, we alert the subscriber and they can either approach the team directly (we highly encourage that as the sustainable approach - beers on Friday anyone?!?) or choose to include clarifying questions as some of the 10 monthly own questions they can submit to PNT for inclusion.

In the Enterprise License, the customised pack is larger, there is a Dashboard to drive the engagement as well as the option to use free text .

Who's in the dialogue?

What's in it for the teams?

Once you've subscribed the invites go to up to 10 members of a specific team in the field and the answers come from them. To gain insights from multiple or larger teams, you'll need separate subscriptions or an Enterprise License. This is to protect the channel and keep the integrity of the data while building trust. 

That's the right question to ask! 

While you're finding out information that can transform or at least enhance the way you do business with the end client, what do your teams get out of giving it to you?

Aside from the ability to reaffirm their value to the business and a chance to rediscover your company's purpose and feel as part of the same team as those in the office, the app offers rewards for answered questions and subscribers can include their own customised rewards from new ones from our partner Huggg to connecting bonus systems and one-off data bounty prizes to teams who most contribute to a certain project!

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